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Dealer Website Management Today

Dealer website management in today's markets is one of the toughest parts when running part or all of your business online.  It involves managing the content, modifying inventory levels, pouring over statistic reports, and making sure new specials are getting highlighted, etc.   MXS Solutions' content management experts are keen to writing SEO-driven content in such a way that it evolves with the changing algorithms of the search engines.  A dealer's website is a living, breathing employee of the dealership itself.  It works around the clock promoting your business.  It needs to be taken care of the same way you would take care of the physical dealership building.  The management of a dealer website should be done by professionals either in-house at a dealership, in a co-op, or fully managed by a company like MXS SolutionsDealer website management by MXS Solutions

Management Simplified

Following up on our previous entry, Web Management for Auto Dealers, there is a need for auto dealerships to seek out companies like MXS Solutions to manage their dealer website.  It's not simply from a standpoint of "that's what everyone else is doing", but from the angle of MXS Solutions empowers the dealer's website to perform better by frequent updates, tweaks and more.  This allows the dealership to concentrate in other areas while MXS Solutions takes the reigns on the website management. 

Losing Customers - to the manufacturer?

Many dealers’ websites capture customers, but customers quickly have to leave the website to go “Learn More” about what they are looking for. They then land on the Manufacturer’s Website, from there they learn what they need to about the Vehicle of interest. Do you really want your website visitors going to the manufactures site that has “Get a Quote” options all over their site? Now you are competing with the other dealers for that customer’s business, when you had them on your website first! Let MXS Solutions change that trend for the better with one of our dealer website management packages that we offer.