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Web Management for Auto Dealers

It's the middle of the month, a customer asks you "do you have any specials going on because I couldn't tell by your website", and that's when it hits you -- who's managing your website?  After you help out that customer, you pay a visit to your website.  Who's been doing the content creation for you?  Who at the dealership was in charge of the website management?  If this is you, and you are preferring to not direct customers to your website, then MXS Solutions can help.  We provide many different dealer services that can take care of monthly specials, custom banners and graphics, and more.  An Auto Dealership website is essentially your 24/7 salesperson that never shows up to work late and is always working.  

Web Management: 2.0

MXS Solutions experts can do the work of managing the content creation for banners, pages and specials so that you do not have to (or employ someone that does that as well).  All of our custom pages we create for our auto dealerships are enriched in SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) text to raise the organic search capability of the dealership's website.  The importance of keeping your dealer's website being constantly touched and updated is key to maintaining the appearance that it is an active website - to your customers and to search engines.

Lead Generation

Stop paying thousands of dollars to companies that provides leads that you are sharing with your direct competition.  The leads from your website are unique and generate the biggest margin of profit.  The folks managing your dealership website will not have to give away any more vehicles!  Stop losing money when selling your vehicles due to how you are getting your leads.