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Online Review and Reputation Management for Auto Dealers

Following up to our previous article on Yelp Reputation Management for Dealers, we are going to look into what it means to truly manage your online review and reputation for your business.  Many sites claim this and that, plus how they are better than the next guy.  This is basic marketing 101, have a shiny widget that attracts new customers.  Once you jump ship (if you have a current team managing your online reviews and reputation), do you get what you are expecting?  Have you fallen for the marketing trick?  All of the management companies, including MXS, are in the business for profit.  So, if we are all in business alike, what sets us apart?  This is where MXS Solutions is different from your run-of-the-mill online reputation management businesses.  We here at MXS basically live on your reputation and review sites.  Our team of reputation management professionals, in most cases, will see and respond to reviews, whether bad or good, before your Internet Director even knows your business received a review.

Auto Dealer Review and Reputation Management: Why?Online Review Management and Online Reputation Management | MXS Solutions

Does your auto dealerships staff a dedicated individual that has the know-how of the reputation and social media world to navigate reviews that customers (or just random people) have left for your business?  Are they responding to these reviews, even with a "Thank you" for positive reviews?  Are they trying to follow up with customers that have posted bad reviews?  MXS Solutions has filled this role for auto dealerships quite a bit for years and is very efficient.  We essentially are protecting the auto dealership's brand and reputation online so they can concentrate on selling vehicles and not worrying about Customer Z who had a bad experience one day.  Embracing that the Internet and online opinions matter, the better suited your business will be to thrive on the Internet.  

Ready for Online Reputation Management? 

If you are ready for online review management for your auto dealership, or just have more questions about what MXS Solutions can do for your business, contact us today!  Let MXS take the driver's seat for managing your online reputations and keep your business looking polished so you can keep attracting customers.