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Why Dealer Websites fail to deliver

Creating and maintaining a normal website can be difficult.  Add in compliance, need for original content, graphics, high competition, and it seems like the impossible task.  The average internet director, doesn’t have the analytical, sales, 2D design, HTML, SEO / SEM, technical and persuasive writing skills necessary to manage a dealership's internet presence.  Although we’ve seen the gambit of those that have some, or even most of those skills, it seems only the mythical internet director of legend is capable of running the show on their own.

Each one of those skills is needed to successfully optimize the revenue coming from your website, and we’re going to discuss two areas of those skills and how the lack thereof causes fatal flaws in most self - run dealership websites.

First up, we have:

The Artist: (SEO / SEM)

These are the ones who missed their calling in life.  Beautiful websites, clean, eye - catching designs, and yet nothing is happening.  Hardly any traffic, no leads, and not a clue what to do about it. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing with search engine optimization, or you rely on platforms to optimize your site for you, that is what you see.  What are people searching for?  Of the people that arrive to your site, what keywords were bringing them in?  Are the right keywords being used on your site?  Are you tagging all the content with relevant keywords?  Is your content even relevant?

Or, are you clicking the “Add suggested tags/keywords” button and praying?  Not only does careful planning have to take place when attempting to capture traffic from organic search results but, monitoring and interpreting the data that you get from the traffic you're receiving is an intimate part of optimizing your website.

Followed by:

The Technician:  (2D design / Sales)

Like the green pea, faithfully following his up around the dealership waiting for them to say they want to take a car home, he’s got all the words, but doesn’t know how to say them.  The site is topping the charts, traffic is amazing, yet the bounce rate is 9 for 10 and you haven’t received a call yet. 

While getting people on your site is the first step, the next step is getting them engaged with the website.  The website has to welcome them in with interesting graphics and easy to use navigation.  Phrasing that gets them thinking about making a purchase decision without blowing them out with cheesy one liners.

Graphic design takes talent.  If you don’t have it, stay away from that part of the website’s design.  Just smile and nod while those with talent discuss whatever it is they do to make people want to stare at the banners for a couple slides, for no other reason than they look nice.  Think about all the times you’ve purchased some brand over another because the box looked nicer.  Don’t lie to yourself and let your website remind people of the store bought brand.

How can I get all of this done quickly and to get my business booming?

Outsourcing some of the work might be the answer, or it might not.  For some of those internet directors of infamy, it may be just the trick to get an outside contractor to pick up the slack.  Then again, it might be better to invest in a quality company that can deliver results.  Either way the number one reason dealership websites fail, is because someone there thinks they can do it all themselves. 

No company in the internet marketing business has one person handle everything for a client. I wouldn’t dare let Janice, from the graphics department, handle all the analytics and reporting for a client, and you shouldn’t either. Whether it’s in-house division of labor, or outsourcing to a reliable name in the industry, don’t let anyone go at it alone.