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Yelp Management for Dealers

If you have been in business for the past few years, you have heard of Yelp. is a online review site for almost every industry for rating them.  Previously, organizations like Better Business Bureau and others existed as a quality-gauging 3rd party that made consumers want to trust the business that had a rating that much more.  Yelp was found in 2004 to help people originally find local businesses like mechanics, dentists and hair stylists.  Since then, they have expanded to many different industries.

Yelp Management for Dealerships


You're probably thinking, I've got a account for my dealership and I manage it.  Our question would be, do you reply to new and old reviews?  Do you reply to ALL of them?  If a review breaks the the rules on guidelines, do you flag it for removal?  MXS Solutions manages accounts, along with other reputation management accounts, to monitor the good and bad reviews, notify the dealership when a bad review comes through for more information, and replies to the good reviews letting the review poster know the dealership thanks them for their positive review.

Social Media Sharing of Yelp Reviews

Did you know that you can share your Yelp dealership review on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or you can have it emailed?  MXS Solutions also offers social media management for dealers, so we can help you.  Sharing your dealership reviews to the social media platforms lets you get more activity on our Yelp listing.  This is a great way to share positive reviews and stories with those that follow your business page on Facebook or your Twitter account.  The best part is that when they re-tweet or share your post, it continues to bring traffic back to your Yelp listing.